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Woodland Therapy: Backpacking in the White Mountains — published by the Coffeelicious

Written after a long overdue backpacking trip in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, this post talks about highlights from our adventure and the surprising amount of stress relief that I felt during and after the trip.

Chuck Jones: A Character Study — published by The Coffeelicious

This article was written as a personal reflection about the legacy of Chuck Jones, his inspiration, and the development of a creative voice.

Press Photos: Why and How — for Carl Fischer Music

This informational article about professional press photos was sent to Carl Fischer Music educational composers with the intent of proactively addressing frequent quality control issues.

Press Photos: Why and How — for Theodore Presser Company

Adapted to better suit Theodore Presser Company’s composers, this piece was meant to bolster composer confidence in the department by highlighting behind the scenes promotional work that they were not often privy to. The article also subtly prompted fresh press photo submissions.

Composer Spotlight: Paul Lansky — for Carl Fischer Music

Released in tandem with his induction into the American Academy of Arts and Letters, this article was written to showcase Paul Lansky and his works.

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9 Bach Pieces for Solo Guitar — Back Cover Text — published by Carl Fischer Music

Johann Sebastian Bach’s (1685 – 1750) extensive legacy remains unmatched in the modern, musical community. His music, altogether timeless, singable, and entrancing, has inspired and challenged generations of musicians on almost every instrument. This collection, edited by Fred Sokolow, puts nine of Bach’s most memorable melodies at the fingertips of the modern guitarist, including selections from his famous suites for both cello and lute. Well known as a performer and pedagogue, and praised for his accurate and effective methods and transcriptions, Fred Sokolow has drawn upon his wealth of experience with the guitar to help craft this challenging, yet accessible, set of melodies.

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Carl Fischer Music & Theodore Presser Company

While most of my copywriting work for Carl Fischer Music centered around marketing emails, blog posts, and e-commerce content, I did help with content for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I also made a lot of the photos used for posts by both Carl Fischer Music and Theodore Presser Company, and helped pitch, create, and manage the company’s first social media ad campaign for a sale netting 43% higher online sales than the previous year.



While working as Assistant Manager at Tealuxe’s Harvard Square location, I enjoyed creating Instagram and Facebook posts during my shifts, highlighting lesser known facts about tea, new stock, and drink specials in the shop.



I love photography and have been fortunate enough to have a few brands ask to feature some of my work on their Instagram accounts. I’ve also helped promote musical projects I’ve been involved in across Twitter and Instagram.