Led by singer, guitarist, and songwriter, Brady Custis, Coaches is an alt-rock/shoegaze band based in Brooklyn, New York. I play electric bass in live shows and have programmed and played synthesizers on our recordings.


“White Noise/White Boys,” the album’s first single and lead track, is a condensed surge of the band’s shoegaze meets “space rock” sound, distilled to only the most harrowing moments of warped hooks, dense feedback, and deliberately restrained earworms. When the song slinks into the ether nearly a minute in, they contort the balance between tension and beauty with an ominous attention to detail that would make bands like Failure and Swervedriver proud.
— Dan Goldin, Post Trash
We’re no doubt a sucker for that fuzzed out bliss, as WZBC Flyweight so eloquently puts it, and Coaches seem to have captured the essence on their first swing. Add in a lyrical shout out to ‘Massachusetts summer nights’ under the distorted college-rock vocals, and we’re buying in.
— Vanyaland
And what a great statement Shush turns out to be. Lead track ‘That Not This’ kicks up a wonderfully fuzzy storm, riding scorching guitar lines that scream of a New England style that turns up the dial on the Pixies or Speedy Ortiz.
— Speak Into My Good Eye