We Avalanche


We Avalanche was a noisy, alt-folk trio heavily influenced by Elliott Smith. I played mandolin and viola in this Boston based group. 


We Avalanche’s unusual blend of instruments and unison singing make for a unique, melodic sound. You can hear the influence of traditional folk (they cite Pete Seeger, Hank Williams and Paul Simon as influences), but there’s a certain dissonant edge that gives it a modern sound.
— Alexis Dow Campbell, PennLive
Listening to the tremolo of the mandolin, the commanding presence of the cello, the familiar strum of the acoustic guitar, and the sincere vocals that together form the distinctive sound of We Avalanche, I could tell that there is a great sense of emulation for old-time folk music, while at the same time a drive to push forward in the genre.
— Matia Guardabascio, Quiet Lunch